8 Nutrients for Better Sexual Health


The key to a great sex life is good sexual function, and the natural way to boost sexual health is with the right nutrition.  This article will focus on some of the important nutrients that may be able to help improve your sex life.

Loss of sexual desire

Loss of sexual desire can affect every aspect of a person’s life.  In other words a healthy sexual desire is important to your overall health.  Sexual desire is controlled by your sex glands, as they release sex hormones; androgen in males; and estrogen along with progesterone in females.  Certain nutrients are necessary for normal functioning of the sex glands.  Here are some of the most important nutrients to consider:

  1. Vitamin A - Necessary for the adequate prodution of sex hormones. 1 2  Beta carotene can also be converted to vitamin A inside of the body.  Natural sources of vitamin A are always best.  Sources of vitamin A include: cod liver oil, liver, milk, butter, cheese and egg yolks.  (Do not exceed 10,000 IU of vitamin A per day - Click here for more information)  Sources of beta carotene include: sweet potatoes, carrots, kale, spinach, turnip greens, winter squash, collard greens, cilantro and fresh thyme. 3
  2. Vitamin C - Supports the production of sex hormones and protects the sex glands from oxidative stress.  Food sources include: parsley, broccoli, bell pepper, strawberries, oranges, lemon juice, papaya, cauliflower, kale, mustard greens, and Brussels sprouts. 4
  3. Vitamin E - Acts synergistically with ovarian hormones and testosterone. 5  Food sources include:  mustard greens, chard, sunflower seeds, turnip greens and almonds.
  4. Vitamin B Complex - In general, the B vitamins help regulate neurotransmitters, which are also important for sexual health.  Important for production of sex hormones is vitamin B6. 6  Food sources include: oats, barley, wheat bran, avocado, salmon, Brazil nuts and nutritional yeast. 
  5. Protein - Amino acids are necessary for neurotransmitter production.  It is important to consume sources of complete protein.  Click here to read more about protein.
  6. Magnesium - helps in the manufacturing of neurotransmitters.  Food sources include:  beans, salmon, pumpkin seeds, Swiss chard and spinach.  We also offer a high quality liquid calcium/magnesium supplement. (calcium and magnesium work together in the body)
  7. Selenium - Protects neurotransmitters from damage.  Food sources include: Brazil nuts, liver, oysters and garlic.  We also offer a high quality liquid selenium supplement.
  8. Chromium Picolinate - Can help to boost levels of DHEA, which serves as precursor to the sex hormones.  Food sources include: brewer’s yeast, oysters, liver, whole grains, bran cereals, potatoes, romaine lettuce, onions and tomatoes.  We also offer a high quality liquid chromium picolinate supplement.


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  1. Jean Says:

    Vitamin D also helps with the production of hormones. A good source for both vitamin A and D is cod liver oil.

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